Meet The Team


DJ D-Nice Owner / Founder

Dj D-Nice (D'Motivatah) has been highly involved in music all his life. Following in his father footsteps, D-Nice has made a name for himself throughout the East Coast. As a young Dj, D-Nice gained experience making mix tapes, cd's, and Dj'ing house parties. His passion for music and his entrepreneur spirit is very inspiring. In 2012 D-Nice started his own home base radio station via U Stream called Nu Image Radio later called World Hype Radio. After leaving World Hype Radio D-Nice joined Big Link Radio streaming through Culture Mixx Radio where he is currently active. Being a Dj and promoter, he is highly involved within the community, by raising awareness for breast cancer and working with the youths by hosting the Annual Summer Fun Fest Block Party. His style of music is diverse from Reggae to many other genres. Some call him D-Nice while others call him "D'Motivatah"


DJ Vybz Sistress

DJ Vybz Sistress has been described in many ways as creative, versatile, authentic, and full of energy. After 4 years publicly in the game, DJ Vybz Sistress has made a stamp as one of the few female DJ’s in North Carolina with a Caribbean spice. Staying true to her heritage has made her style flavorful and brings out the best of her musical selection and how it is played. She has been on tour with famous Dancehall artists like Tanto Metro, Devonte & Everton Blenderi.  In 2017 as a mobile Dj, she was featured on Big Link Radio and Culture Mixx Radio which is currently based in NJ. Also this year Vybz Sistress made her first appearance at the Caribbean Carnival in Raleigh, NC. Since 2013 she has been a big impact in the game with successful mixtapes and appearance’s. Currently, Vybz Sistress still resides in Fayetteville and continues to strive to stay ahead of the game.  
Vybz Sistress can be located on the following social media outlets:Snap chat, Instagram, Facebook


DJ Freddy

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Meet The Team


Reds the chef

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